Test Ride 2022 Harley-Davidson® Pan America™ 1250 near Spring Hill FL

Test Ride 2022 Harley-Davidson® Pan America™ 1250 near Spring Hill FL

If you live in Spring Hill or the surrounding areas and are interested in an adventure bike, the team at Harley-Davidson® of New Port Richey encourages to come into our showroom and see the Pan America™ 1250 in person. We’re excited to announce that the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Pan America™ 1250 has arrived and is now available for test rides. Our team can also assist you with a motorcycle loan, insurance, gear, accessories and much more. The Pan America™ 1250 is a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle designed for people who want to ride off-road as well as on. It is also among the most customizable adventure bikes on the planet, and Harley-Davidson® offers extensive personalization options through its catalog.

Meet the 2022 Pan America™ 1250

Adventure bikes are growing fast in the motorcycle scene, and that has a lot to do with recent innovations. This style of bike has been around for a long time, but it is only recently that the technologies have caught up with the vision that many enthusiasts have. This is why Harley-Davidson® finally designed its own adventure bike, which is much different that any other model in the lineup. With the Pan America™, Harley-Davidson® launched a new Adventure Touring family. At its core, this is a tourer that has been adapted for off-road performance, but there really is a lot of versatility here. You can set it up as a long-distance touring machine or customize it into the ultimate off-road monster.

What’s New for 2022

The previous model year was the first, and while it was a tremendous success, Harley-Davidson® learned a lot. That has resulted in a wide range of refinements. Many of them are relatively minor, but the collective effect is a more comfortable and precise riding experience. The most obvious update is a new infotainment display layout that makes it clearer and easier to read. Harley-Davidson® has also greatly improved hill hold function. It can now hold the Pan America™ 1250 for more than 10 seconds. As expected, the standard color scheme continues to be Vivid Black, but riders who prefer something different will now have the option of a dual-tone paint scheme: Fastback Blue with White Sand.

This Is the Right Bike For

If you’ve never ridden an adventure bike, then we strongly encourage you to set up an appointment with us to ride the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Pan America™ 1250 near Spring Hill. The Pan America™ 1250 is an ideal option for people who want a single bike that performs well on-road but is also capable and comfortable off-road. This setup really does cater to a wide range of enthusiasts. Some riders choose it because they want the option to go off-road during their long-distance tours, and others choose it because they want an off-road motorcycle than they can actually ride to their playground rather than having to haul it. Notable riding characteristics include a frame-mounted fairing, an upright rider position, mid foot controls, a passenger seat and a tall profile.

Making It Yours

Customization is synonymous with the Harley-Davidson® brand and has been since its earliest days. The brand supports all of its models well through its catalog, but the Pan America™ 1250 really is something else. That has a lot to do with how versatile this bike is. If you want a long-distance tourer, you can swap out the windscreen and handlebars and add features like heated grips, a passenger backrest, a touring pack and even saddlebags. Harley-Davidson® has just increased and already great selection of Pan America™-specific products with the launch of the 2022 model. We have many of those products in stock, and if there is something you want that we do not have, we can order it for you and have it here fast.

Request a Test Ride Online From Harley-Davidson® of New Port Richey

If you’d like to test-ride the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Pan America™ 1250 near Spring Hill, we ask that you schedule an appointment, and the easiest way to do that is online through our website. We’ll collect some basic details about you and get back to you as soon as possible to confirm the date and time. If you want any additional information, you can call us or reach us via email or text, and if you shop with us online, our team is available to help you via live chat.

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