Harley-Davidson® Cruiser Category Models in New Port Richey FL

Harley-Davidson® Cruiser Category Models in New Port Richey FL

Our focus at Harley-Davidson® of New Port Richey is centered on helping each customer find a new motorcycle that they are proud to drive through town and beyond. With a few dozen models in the 2023 lineup, narrowing down the options to those that are suited for your riding plans is essential. These models are broken up into five categories. There are eight 2023 Harley-Davidson® Cruiser category models available that each have standout appeal.

About the Harley-Davidson® Cruiser Models

The Cruiser models stand apart from other Harley-Davidson® models with their aggressive yet iconic style, but they are also boldly individualized. In addition, each of the 2023 Harley-Davidson® Cruiser models is well-equipped and engineered to take you confidently down the highway and to navigate through busy city streets. What are the current Harley-Davidson® Cruiser category models in New Port Richey?

Harley-Davidson® Softail® Standard

The 2023 Softail® Standard is distinctly designed with bright chrome accents and black body-colored surfaces. The classic kidney-shaped fuel tank displays a red logo. Underneath the solo seat, the Milwaukee-Eight® 107 V-Twin engine rumbles to life. It is combined with a lightweight frame and a rear adjustable mono-shock.

Harley-Davidson® Street Bob® 114

The 2023 Street Bob® 114 accommodates two riders and has a brooding look with black trim. Three body color options are available, and these are contrasted by a two-tone graphic on the fuel tank. Its performance is elevated by a Milwaukee-Eight® 114 V-Twin engine and a lightweight chassis.

Harley-Davidson® Fat Bob® 114

The Fat Bob® 114 is a standout on the road with its staggered, high-mounted exhaust pipes. These pipes have bronze and chrome trim, and they are combined with beefy tires, minimized fenders and low-placed handlebars. The Fat Bob® 114 is engineered with electronic cruise control, dual front disc brakes and a Milwaukee-Eight® 114 powertrain.

Harley-Davidson® Low Rider® S

Another one of the mid-level Harley-Davidson® Cruiser category models in New Port Richey with bold styling is the Low Rider® S. This is a one-seater with low-placed handlebars and a narrow fairing. Both the black engine casing and the staggered, flared exhaust pipes have bright chrome trim. The Low Rider® S also has a block-letter logo and bronze-trimmed wheels. Its performance is established by electronic cruise control, an adjustable rear mono-shock and a Milwaukee-Eight® 117, precision-cooled engine.

Harley-Davidson® Low Rider® ST

The Low Rider® ST is distinctive from the other 2023 Harley-Davidson® Cruiser category models with its slightly taller stance, wide fairing and hard-cased saddlebags. It also boasts low-profile handlebars and a wind deflector for the rider’s comfort. The design also includes bronze wheels and a black engine cover with chrome accents. This Cruiser comes with a precision-cooled, V-Twin Milwaukee-Eight® 117 engine mated with a heavy breather.

Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy® 114

The two-seat Fat Boy® 114 shows off its individuality through its deeply angled turning fork and the Lakester wheel design. Four body colors are available, and a retro-type logo runs across the gas canister. Stemming out from the Milwaukee-Eight® 114 engine’s casing, the offset exhaust finishers have flared tips. Standard equipment also includes a rear adjustable mono-shock and an enhanced suspension at the front.

Harley-Davidson® Breakout® 117

The 2023 Breakout® 117 is a two-person cruiser with black, machined wheels and a bold graphic running across the teardrop fuel tank. The flared, staggered exhaust pipes stand out with their chrome finish. This model also has a lightweight chassis, a heavy breather and a V-Twin Milwaukee-Eight® 117 engine.

Harley-Davidson® Heritage Classic®

If you are looking for a cruiser model that is well-suited for both in-town and longer trips, the Heritage Classic® could fit the bill. This two-seat model gives you the functionality of locking saddlebags and a windshield. Its style is established by low handlebars, laced wheels, thick tires and black and chrome exhaust pipes. The Heritage Classic®’s performance is elevated by its V-Twin Milwaukee-Eight® 114 engine and adjustable mono-shock at the rear.

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