2022 Harley-Davidson® Tri Glide® Ultra G.I. Enthusiast Collection

2022 Harley-Davidson® Tri Glide® Ultra G.I. Enthusiast Collection

Harley-Davidson® has a new design out right now where they're celebrating the things that are meaningful to Americans. You'll find "Enthusiast Collection" bikes available this year. One of our favorite collections comes in the form of the G.I. Enthusiast Collection. If you are thankful for our freedoms and Armed Forces that protect them, then the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Tri Glide® Ultra G.I. Enthusiast Collection trike is a work of art for our customers near Homosassa Crystal River Brooksville Spring Hill. We have a lot of people here at Harley-Davidson® of New Port Richey who buy these to remind themselves of their military career (past or present) and even more who buy them because of the enormous respect that our customers have for the people who give everything to protect their country.


When you start with the foundation of a Tri Glide® Ultra, adding a G.I. Enthusiast Collection edition only sweetens the pot. If you make the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Tri Glide® Ultra your next motorcycle, you've got a whole new perspective of the world on the horizon.

Victory at every Turn

Just like our American soldiers, the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Tri Glide® Ultra G.I. Enthusiast trike is instilled with the single-minded mission of victory. Wherever you go near Homosassa Crystal River Brooksville Spring Hill, you'll find yourself sitting in an upright riding position, looking out over a territory that is yours to revel in. You can bring along a passenger and get an extremely cozy feeling during all your travels. The chief advantage of a trike is the fact that it relieves you of the duty to balance an H-D®. Instead of worrying about balancing your weight, you'll instead be freed to just enjoy the open-air feeling of the wide open highway.

Exclusive Styling

The way a Harley-Davidson® looks is a sure sign of its inner spirit. In most things, the inside doesn't match the outside. With an H-D®, your eyes don't deceive you. Many people will leap at the chance to own this trike just because of its exclusive styling. Enjoy a Mineral Green Denim Deluxe paint that's available on on the G.I. Enthusiast trikes. Tomahawk wheels match the army green paint texture. And then there are exclusive graphics that you'll only get on this model. The tank has an amazing Army Star graphic that's all-business all the time.

Handsome Storage

This trike makes a Tour Pak luggage carrier a part of the overall style of the trike. That's because your Tour Pak gets an Enthusiast Collection logo and even a Harley-Davidson® stamp on the rear of the luggage carrier. You'll have all the space you need to take your gear along with you on this model, plus you get an exclusive styling as well. To the right of the Tour Pak is a "USA stamp" that we know our military vets are going to love. It's your country and your world when you sign on as the General of the G.I. Collection Tri Glide® Ultra.

Harley-Davidson® of New Port Richey Information

If you've shopped with us for a long time over the years, you already know the drill. Some folks might be just discovering our dealership, though, so if you're one of those people, we want to let you know that we're always on your side as you shop for your next Harley-Davidson® model.


Our dealership is a sanctuary for Harley-Davidson® fans. You'll find people here who make everyone feel at ease talking about their enthusiasm for motorcycles.


No one wants to blindly pick out a motorcycle and hope that it by chance becomes a great bike or trike for them. That's why our sales crew has a wide body of knowledge to share with customers at all times. You visit us to ask questions, and we have the knowledge to answer those questions.

A Community

We're more than just a Harley-Davidson® dealership. We're also a community that unites over a love of motorcycles. In today's world, the good things don't always get the attention they deserve. Here in our community, we encourage everyone to explore their love of H-D® together. Let's focus on the good.

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