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Find Harley-Davidson® Service near Crystal River FL

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Find Harley-Davidson® Service near Crystal River FL

Harley-Davidson® of New Port Richey - Find Harley-Davidson® Service near Crystal River FL

Have you been looking for a trustworthy location where you can get fast Harley-Davidson® service near Crystal River? If so, we have good news! You no longer have to scour the internet to find Harley-Davidson® service, because Harley-Davidson® of New Port Richey has your back! Read about our available services below or call our team during business hours to find out how you can easily take care of your ride.

Why Choose Us for Maintenance, Repair Work, or Services If You’re Near Crystal River?

Not only do we have a skilled team of Harley-Davidson® factory-trained and certified technicians available to assist you with all of your motorcycle needs, but we also have awesome ratings from customers who have been coming back to us for years! At our dealership and service location, we are ready to help you quickly and efficiently get your motorcycle in the best condition possible.

You Can Trust Us for Repairs

As a Harley-Davidson®-authorized service location, we have the equipment, tools, and credibility needed to ensure that your repairs are outstanding. Apart from the fact that our location specializes in high-performance and stock services, we also boast some of the best factory-trained H-D® motorcycle technicians in the area. We are ready to accommodate any issues that you are currently having with your motorcycle to get you back to riding again!

Our Service Location Honors All Warranty Work

Not to mention, we can check for any open factory recalls before your visit. By preventing or fixing the issues that you may have with your Harley-Davidson® bike, we can help you effortlessly keep your motorcycle in pristine condition.

We Can Help with Cleaning and Replacing Air Filters

If you are constantly riding in dusty areas or busy cities, then you should be cleaning or replacing your air filters regularly. This type of small investment can go a long way toward making sure that your motorcycle and its powertrain are in the best condition for as long as possible!

We Offer an Array of Regular Harley-Davidson® Maintenance Services

After the first 1000 miles, several Harley-Davidson® services may need your attention. Regular services that help you maintain your motorcycle go a long way toward ensuring that your ride stays in Immaculate condition for as long as possible. Not to mention, these maintenance tasks can help you prevent a wide range of problematic issues and expensive repairs.


  • Inspect DOT clutch fluid
  • Inspect electrical equipment and switches
  • Inspect clutch lever fastener and hand control fastener
  • Inspect front wheel spoke tightness (if spokes are equipped)
  • Inspect, lubricate, and adjust clutch cables
  • Inspect front tires and inspect the tread
  • Inspect upper front stabilizer components
  • Inspect the engine coolant freeze point
  • Inspect rear axle nut torque
  • Inspect the tightness of the rear wheel spokes (if equipped)
  • Inspect the front axle nut torque
  • Inspect, modify, and lubricate the brake and clutch control systems
  • Inspect the rear tire pressure and tread
  • Examine and adjust the drive belt and the sprocket
  • Examine the clutch fluid components for leaks, abrasion, or other issues
  • Examine and tend the air filter
  • Examine the oil lines and brake system for issues
  • Examine fittings and fuel lines for leaks
  • Examine discs and brake pads for wear
  • Review rear brake fluid levels and check for moisture
  • Check the exhaust components for leaks
  • Check on and lubricate the jiffy stand
  • Look for coolant leaks


  • Replace the main chaincase lubricant
  • Replace transmission lubricant on Sportsters
  • Replace the oil and oil filter
  • Clean radiator components
  • Clean the oil cooler (if one is equipped)
  • Lubricate the fuel door hinge and other appropriate fuel system components
  • Road test your motorcycle to verify satisfactory component and system operation

A certified H-D® technician at our location can help with everything listed above and much more!

Get Harley-Davidson® Service Near Crystal River Through Harley-Davidson® of New Port Richey

It's ready to find Harley-Davidson® service at our dealership! Harley-Davidson® of New Port Richey is here to assist you with excellence at every stage of your motorcycle ownership journey. Let us help you find the parts, services, and answers you need today! Contact our crew to learn more. Also serving Brooksville, Spring Hill, and Homosassa Florida.

*This article serves general information purposes. For specific information on available Harley-Davidson® services, call our team!

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