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Research the Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles Categories

Research the Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles Categories

Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles

Getting a new bike is exciting for new and experienced riders. One way to make your search easier is to gain a basic understanding of the various types of motorcycles. For new riders, you'll want to understand each bike category's main features and characteristics so that you can search more easily. Veteran riders can also benefit from learning about the various types of bikes. A full understanding of the bikes makes it easier to communicate with other bikers, and you never know when you'll discover something new to try. Understanding the various motorcycles and categories makes narrowing your search easier.

Basic Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Types and Categories

While there are several different categories of motorcycles when you start to get pedantic, the basic kinds of motorcycles can be broken down in a fairly straightforward manner. The motorcycle has continued to evolve over several decades, and new categories do crop up on occasion. With so many different motorcycles available, it's good to have a general framework of the traditional types of bikes available. Generally, you can start with the six basic types of bikes you can find at our dealership.

Standard Motorcycles

Standard bikes are general bikes that adhere to some basic features. If you ask for a standard bike, be prepared to define your terms just a little. A standard bike often comes with an upright seating position, easy-reach handlebars, and forward foot pegs. Forward foot pegs are ideal when you want a bike that lets you stretch. Come to explore our Harley-Davidson® of New Port Richey dealership for more information.

Sports Motorcycles

Most people instinctively know a sports motorcycle when they see one. These motorcycles tend to have smaller profiles, and the riders tend to move fast. They offer great agility, and the light structure of the bike makes them especially good at manuevering. These bikes are also exceptional cornering bikes. The engines tend to range from 300 cubic capacity to 1000. Sometimes, riders refer to a sports bike as a street bike, but there are some differences. Sports bikes are just one of many Harley-Davidson® motorcycles categories.

Off-Road Motorcycles

An off-road bike is technically a bike that is designed to be used solely off-road. The most robust off-road bikes are designed for road riding. An off-road bike tends to be very rugged, and you'll also get some outstanding capability with these bikes. You'll often find skid plates and other protective features to protect critical components. An off-road bike usually maintains high seats, high handlebars, and a suspension with some serious travel. Test drive an off-road motorcycle at our Harley-Davidson® of New Port Richey dealership.

Touring Motorcycles

If you want a touring bike, you'll be able to get a bike that offers some serious weight. The extra weight makes them more comfortable, and you'll love the rear-set handlebars that give the ultimate comfort on long rides. Forward foot pegs and plates are designed to put you in a more relaxed position as well. Expect to find a fairing on most models to help with wind resistance. Touring bikes are one of the more popular motorcycles and categories for the comfort and storage capacity offered.

Cruiser Motorcycles

With a cruiser, you'll get a smooth ride and a lower seat position. The bikes also comes with handlebars that allow to to stretch out. You'll typically get slightly forward foot pegs, and the bike gives you exceptional comfort on the road. Additionally, you'll love how this bike absorbs much of the impact of the road for a smoother ride. Cruiser bikes are one of the popular motorcycles and categories.

Dual-Purpose Bikes

If you opt for a dual-purpose bike, it would be helpful to isolate the features you're looking for. A dual-purpose bike is a type of crossover that tends to meld two or more styles. You may enjoy features that blend options from the touring bike and cruiser models. This might give you a lighter bike that still offers storage capacity and a wind screen or fairing. You also might find a cross between an off-road bike and a cruiser, which gives you the ability to ride on the road and off-road.

Highlights and Features of Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles

Explore more Harley-Davidson® motorcycles categories at our dealership. Our brand is a true innovator in all of the categories listed. When you get one of our bikes, you're becoming part of a community that is designed to help you get more accomplished. Talk with us about all of the new advances and options that can help you get a better ride. We can also show you all of the latest technologies, including stereos and headsets that let you stay connected.

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