Compare 2022 Harley-Davidson® Iron 883™ vs Forty-Eight®

Compare 2022 Harley-Davidson® Iron 883™ vs Forty-Eight®

Harley-Davidson® of New Port Richey has the entire 2022 lineup available to test-ride and purchase. You can schedule test-rides online, and you can visit our showroom at your convenience. Our location also has a world-class service center and parts department. We provide you access to the full catalog of parts, accessories and motorcycle gear, and we can assist with financing, insurance, extended warranties, learning to ride and much more. Two of the most popular motorcycles in our collection are the Iron 883™ and the Forty-Eight®, and with that in mind, let us compare the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Iron 883™ vs Forty-Eight® and explore why one of them may be the better fit for you than the other.

Harley-Davidson® Cruisers

The cruiser is the quintessential American motorcycle. First popularized in the 1930s, cruisers became iconic in the 1960s, and they have continued to evolve with each generation. The Harley-Davidson® brand has been at the forefront of not only making cruisers iconic but evolving them. A cruiser should be fun, comfortable and easy to ride, and that is certainly the case with the Iron 883™ and Forty-Eight®. But a cruiser should also drip with cool, and these bikes do that in a way that only a Harley-Davidson® can.

Harley-Davidson® Iron 883™

The 2022 Harley-Davidson® Iron 883™ is among the most affordable cruisers on the market. It has a legendary profile that manages to be modern while also showing off its classic inspiration. The design is minimalistic in the manner that cruisers have traditionally been, and Harley-Davidson® opts for a blacked-out aesthetic because the style continues to be so popular. The Iron 883™ is small and nimble enough for tight urban environments, and its lighter weight makes it a great choice for many beginners.

Harley-Davidson® Forty-Eight®

A defining feature of the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Forty-Eight® is its fat tires, which give it a bulldog stance. Here, Harley-Davidson® opts for a half-and-half aesthetic that blends traditional chrome with blacked-out elements. The Forty-Eight® is about an inch less in length overall. It also sits more than an inch closer to the ground but does offset that with a bit higher seat height. Like the Iron 883™, the Forty-Eight® is an excellent option in urban environments, and its even lighter weight makes it attractive to newcomers.

Riding Characteristics and Performance

Many similarities stand out when comparing the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Iron 883™ vs Forty-Eight® but some notable differences as well. The Iron 883™ has a low profile, and while not tall per se, the Forty-Eight® is taller. Both put the rider in a forward riding position, but the Iron 883™ has mid-mounted foot controls whereas the Forty-Eight® has forward foot controls. The forward controls do provide a more relaxed posture for many riders but can be less convenient depending on the height of the rider. Of course, you always have the option to change the orientation of the controls. The Forty-Eight® is also the more powerful bike. Both have an Evolution, but the Iron 883™ has the 883cc as opposed to the 1200cc.

What About the Iron 1200™

The Iron 1200 is essentially the same bike as the Iron 883™. The main difference is that it has the 1200cc air-cooled Evolution engine just like the Forty-Eight® does. Therefore, whether you choose the Iron 883™/1200™ or Forty-Eight® should not come down to the engine because if the bigger engine is all that you prefer about the Forty-Eight®, then you can get the best of both worlds with the Iron 1200™.

Making It Yours

The Iron 883™ has a blacked-out aesthetic with some chrome. Black Denim is the standard paint scheme, and the two premium options are Gunship Gray and White Sand Pearl. The Forty-Eight® has a mixed aesthetic with both blacked-out and chrome elements. Vivid Black is the standard color scheme, and the two premium options are Reef Blue and White Sand Pearl. Both models are well supported through the H-D® catalog, and their minimalistic nature provides a lot of opportunity for customization.

Test-Ride the Iron 883™ and Forty-Eight®

Perhaps the best way to compare the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Iron 883™ or Iron 1200 to the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Forty-Eight® is to test-ride them both. Our dealership is happy to accommodate that, and you can schedule that appointment online or by phone. You can also call or email us. The Harley-Davidson® of New Port Richey team is happy to answer questions, discuss financing options and much more!

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