2021 Harley-Davidson® Ultra Limited vs 2022 Indian Roadmaster

2021 Harley-Davidson® Ultra Limited vs 2022 Indian Roadmaster

Harley-Davidson® and Indian have a less-than-friendly rivalry. They both go all the way back to the first of the 1900s, back when motorcycles more closely resembled bicycles than the larger-than-life shapes they take on today. What a long way they've both come. Our 2021 Harley-Davidson® Ultra Limited vs 2022 Indian Roadmaster review is straight from the heart and looks closely at the way the Ultra Limited stacks up against a 2022 Indian Roadmaster that was obviously born to win (against anything but the Ultra Limited).


If there's any area where the 2021 Ultra Limited is serving New Port Richey Homosassa Crystal River riders with more than the Roadmaster, it's here. Bikers who want something that's gorgeous straight out of the factory will prefer the amazing 2021 Harley-Davidson® Ultra Limited vs 2022 Indian Roadmaster. The Ultra Limited's 15 gorgeous factory colors include special edition paints like Arctic White or Fire Fighter Red. Everything else is available in both monotone and two-tone colors with your choice of a chrome or blacked out finish. The tapered and slimmer pipes look especially dazzling in a chrome finish next to special edition colors. The 2022 Roadmaster has nothing like these options and comes in only two factory paints. You really have to invest more if you want a different look on this bike.


Harley-Davidson® is serving New Port Richey Homosassa Crystal River bikers with an excellent set of customized technology. It's part fun, part comfort. For example, a your request, the Ultra Limited comes with an available Harley Hammock heated/cooled touring seat. There's nothing this special available on the 2022 Roadmaster. You also won't find anything like the Rockford Fosgate system that is available on the Ultra Limited. It's a pure 800 watts of life-changing auto power that few people will be able to pass up when looking at these two bikes side-by-side. H-D® has a way of choosing sound systems that makes every other bike maker look inadequate. The Roadmaster might only be inadequate in a few categories, but they're ones that make a big difference to people heading out on a cross-country trip. Comfort tech like heated handgrips are standard on the Ultra Limited, so warm up those fingers even in winter riding. This is an all-weather bike that's prepared to take you over any stretch of road that pops up in life.


When you're heading out on a big touring motorcycle, you want to know that it's fortified with adjustable suspension systems and has an incredible array of handling technologies. The 2021 Ultra Limited is the bike that wins the race here, too. Its Brembo brakes are set up with a standard ABS system. You'll also find its Reflex Defensive Rider Systems are unlike anything available on the Roadmaster. Throw in that Milwaukee-Eight® 114 twin-cooled engine, and you've got a handling experience that's going to make everyday a beautiful place to be. Throw in your gear in a premium Tour-Pak, enjoy your one-touch saddlebags, and get ready to sprint. The Ultra Limited is always up for some sightseeing. And don't forget, the Ultra Limited has electronic cruise control that's easily settable from your 6-speed Cruise Drive transmission. Harley-Davidson® gives you the power and the defensive systems to create the perfect ride every time you head out there for more fun.

Winner: 2021 Harley-Davidson® Ultra Limited

The premium colors available on your 2021 Ultra Limited are indicative of the mass customization that might be ahead for you. It's an elegant gift from the H-D® brand that instantly connects to veteran riders who feel like they've seen it all. First you saw it all, and then you saw something more: the 2021 Ultra Limited. Its Concord Purple, Fire Fighter Red, and Arctic White special edition colors are an exclamation point to its already illustrious style. A new vented Batwing Fairing is both practical and iconic all at once. Today's fully-loaded touring riders will find a lot to love about the Ultra Limited, and we believe they'll inevitably choose it over the 2022 Indian Roadmaster this year.

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