2021 Harley-Davidson® Road Glide® in New Port Richey FL

2021 Harley-Davidson® Road Glide® Overview

The 2021 Harley-Davidson® Road Glide® is another excellent model that is featured in the Grand American Touring category. The Road Glide® offers many of the features found in the larger touring bikes, such as floorboards, passenger seat, and Boom! Box 4.3 state-of-the-art infotainment system. The Road Glide® is slightly shorter in length than the Street Glide® and sits just a bit lower. Coming in at 820-pounds, the Road Glide® is also a bit heavier than the Street Glide® but still provides a lightweight compared to larger touring bikes. The advantage of a touring bike like the Road Glide® is that they are designed for greater travel distances and includes an upright seated position with a thoroughly padded seat. The dual one-touch saddlebags not only can lock for secure storage but can be raised while in motion for extra convenience during travel.

With Dual Daymaker LED headlamps, you'll receive excellent visibility and be more easily seen by other vehicles in low-light conditions. With an eye-catching frame-mounted fairing, this bike's profile certainly makes an entrance. You can choose from Gauntlet Gray Metallic, Vivid Black, or the head-turning Billiard Red for a motorcycle that lines up with your personality. The frame-mounted fairing of the Road Glide® offers some advantages, such as staying centered as you turn. Also, this bike cuts through the wind with a triple ventilation system that blocks excessive wind as you ride. The Road Glide® provides plenty of options to customize, ergonomic ride, and a host of innovative features that make it worthy of a test ride.

Harley-Davidson® enthusiasts will tell you that nothing sounds quite as good as a Milwaukee® V-Twin engine. The Road Glide® comes equipped with a Milwaukee® 107 V-Twin that utters the famous rumble and provides an exceptionally smooth travel experience. With 92-horsepower and 111-pound feet of torque, this touring bike is adept at responsive acceleration and highway cruising. One of the exciting innovations to this engine is that it's internally counterbalanced, which reduces shaking. The lighter weight of the Road Glide® allows additional maneuverability and doesn't hold back the full performance of the Milwaukee® in any way.

Regarding control, there is an optional and exciting technology called Reflex Defensive Rider System. The RDRS system utilizes a series of electronic components to aid in controlling the chassis. Especially in more hazardous or challenging road conditions, the RDRS really comes in handy, lending support to the rider. Another significant aspect of touring bikes like the Road Glide® is the advanced suspension system that allows you to ride further by cushioning every bump or divot in the road. With duel front fork suspension and rear shock absorption, you'll swear you're riding on a cloud rather than pavement. The Road Glide® comes with a 6-speed transmission, and Harley-Davidson® incorporated a cable clutch into this model.

Advanced technology has made its way into the Road Glide® with the Boom! Box infotainment center. With touchscreen operation, you can easily take advantage of several features like music, navigation, and hands-free calling. The screen itself features Gorilla Glass, so not only is it scratch resistant, but it's also water-resistant in the event of wet weather. Harley-Davidson® has improved upon infotainment technology with up to 50% faster processing for nearly instantaneous response. There are also options to configure your helmet's built-in headphones and connect to the Road Glide® with ease. Two 25 watts per channel speakers pump out crystal clear audio so you can enjoy your favorite music out on the road. You can also incorporate SiruisXm for an unprecedented amount of music and talk entertainment choices.

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