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Personal Coach Finder

Personal Coach Finder

We’re on a mission to make it easier than ever for you to get on a bike, build your skills and gain the confidence you need to ride. We launched Personal Coach Finder to connect you with skilled riding coaches and modern training programs that offer personalized instruction for private groups or individuals. Take a lesson 1-on-1 or with a small group of friends.

Book coaching sessions when it works for you, progress at your own pace and learn in a relaxed atmosphere. Whether you’re deciding if riding is for you, starting an epic riding journey or working toward motorcycling mastery, we are here to help you keep the adventure rolling. Check out our three unique programs to find the one that is right for you.


Best For 

Those who have never been on a motorcycle but are looking to try it out with a low pressure, low commitment experience.

Those who are looking for an experience to learn if riding is right for them and alleviate anxiety about getting on a motorcycle before taking formal rider training. 

How It Works 

With assistance from our professional coaches you ride across a closed course with your feet up, no motorcycle license required!

Bring some friends or start your adventure solo. We’ll provide the bike, helmet, and gloves, you just come ready for fun wearing proper attire. See required gear for details. 

Time Commitment 

Approximately 90 minutes.


Best For 

Future riders looking to learn all the skills necessary to earn your motorcycle license.

How It Works

Learn all the skills and riding strategies required to earn your motorcycle license. You can complete this program 1-on-1 or in private groups ranging from 2-4 in size.

After Completion

You may be eligible to obtain a DMV waiver for your license depending upon your state. Contact your coach for details.

Continue your journey by getting access to a rental bike through the Find Your Ride program. Participation varies by dealer location.

Time Commitment 

Modules typically take 5 hours each.



Newly licensed riders seeking assistance with continuing their rider journey.


We’re here to help you with anything you need to fulfill your dream of riding a Harley-Davidson. Whether you need somebody to hit the road with for the first time, test ride a motorcycle, explore which bike is right for you, select gear or accessories, or get answers to questions you have about riding, we are here for you. 

If you need additional training your mentor can help you decide what training is available in your area or connect you with a coach that can answer your questions about riding skills. Master the Streets does not provide additional rider training or instruction.


You may schedule time with a mentor in sessions that last up to 2 hours.


You’re required to wear proper riding gear whenever you operate a motorcycle on the range. If you do not have the proper gear, you will not be allowed to participate in any range activities.


  • Your Driver's License and/or Learner's Permit

  • Proof of MSF Basic e-course completion prior to starting “Learn to Ride” (Not required for Master the Streets or Experience the Ride.) 

  •  Any materials provided to you prior to or during class

  • Long-sleeve shirt or jacket

  • Long pants (heavy denim or riding pants recommended)

  • Over-the-ankle boots (sturdy, not canvas, low heel)

  • Eye protection (helmet visor, eyeglasses, sunglasses, goggles acceptable)

  • Full-finger gloves (motorcycle specific recommended)

  • DOT-certified helmet (style based on requirements of your state)

For EXPERIENCE THE RIDE the dealership will provide helmets and gloves.

For LEARN TO RIDE and MASTER THE STREETS you are responsible for providing all of your own gear, including helmets and gloves.

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